Mirimar Cruises Covid-19 Safe Plan

Your health and safety during this time is our highest priority.

We want you to know that we are doing all we can to eliminate the spread of COVID-19 on our vessel. We have implemented the additional measures to ensure our staff and visitors remain safe:

  • Hand sanitation stations at several areas for all staff and visitors;
  • We have implemented measures to support social distancing including table barriers, markings on the floor and chair spacing;
  • Staff training on hygiene practices and Covid safe recommendations;
  • Regularly sanitising and cleaning all areas of the vessel;
  • Clear communications outlining the steps to take should a customer or employee show any symptoms of possible Covid infection;
  • Ensuring that any staff showing signs of illness stay home;
  • The crew have been divided staff into two working groups to reduce the risk of cross contamination;
  • Minimising cash handling by encouraging PayWave and ETF card transactions where possible;
  • Following Health department recommendations on a daily basis to stay informed and ensure the safety of our staff and guests;

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